The Ultimate Video Kit

Create videos the easy way with the all-in-one video kit that you can take anywhere.

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Lumashot Autocue



Lumashot editing app


Make pro videos the easy way

What happens when you combine an instant tripod, a magnetic mic, remote control autocue, and an app with instant editing features?


You get a new way of making videos that’s twice as fast and a whole lot of easy! This is Lumashot.


Designed by engineers and filmmakers, Lumashot is the Ultimate All-in-one Video Kit.

Instant setup

Forget complicated and slow tripods and rigs. Set up and start shooting instantly with our innovative Instant Tripod.

Stress-free recording

Boost your confidence and save a ton of time with Lumashot Autocue. Talk to camera without having the stress of trying to remember your script, and record the perfect delivery in less takes.

Pro Sound

Finally, wireless professional sound made simple. Plug and play 2.4gHz wireless mic with all day battery life and instant magnetic setup. Fast and simple professional audio.

Realtime Editing

Realtime editing features, tap and hold and gesture control makes FastTrack your fastest editor. Quickly edit your shots wherever you are.

Create engaging videos in half the time

One Kit, Multiple Innovations

Lumashot is an all-in-one video kit for smartphones with a suite of innovative tools.

Instant setup
Instant Tripod

Instapod is the first-ever tripod that sets and packs itself up instantly, thanks to our patent pending opening mechanism. Effortlessly attach your phone on to its magnetic mount.

Lumashot vlog mode
Instant Mode-Switching

Instapod lets you freely switch between different tripod modes, Desktop mode, Vlog mode, Drone mode, Grip mode. Take your shots to the next level.

One-Button Mic

Forget about cables and complicated setups, Magic Mic is a tiny wireless mic that snaps on magnetically and sets up with just one button, so you can shoot in seconds with the best professional sound.

Lumashot Autocue
Remote Controlled Autocue

Convenient teleprompter feature built right into FastTrack's editing app to get your shots right the first time. Talk to camera with confidence — nobody will know you are reading. Use it with our remote control for quick shooting and recording.

Lumashot editing app
Instant Editing Features

FastTrack is a fast and easy to use editing app, includes instant editing features such as quick cut, zoom and crop, and introducing subject tracking, all controlled through intuitive gestures.

Video Toolkit

An ultra-portable and lightweight video kit that you can take anywhere. All the tools you need, conveniently stored and easily accessible in one place.

A New Way Of Editing

FastTrack combines multiple steps into intuitive gestures to simplify the editing process.

Editing 3x times faster

We have combined 3 tools into one, to make delete, trim and cut footage faster that ever.

Full shot control

Create zooms and crops instantly, and track subjects with simple gestures.

Meet Lumashot

Take your video setup with you wherever you go and start creating better videos faster with the Lumashot smartphone video kit.

lumashot video kit duo

Base Kit

USD $89 USD $59

Record videos instantly with the first-ever instant tripod and Lumashot’s quick-editing app,  FastTrack. 


This kit includes:

Pro Kit

USD $199 USD $139

Lumashot Pro Kit is an all-in-one video kit with all the tools you need to record and edit videos on the go. 


This kit includes:

Magnet Pad

Give any phone magnetic capabilities with our Magnet pad, a slim magnetic ring that can be attached to the back of any smartphone.

Included with all packs

MagSafe Cases

Use a magnetic case for strong magnetic attachment to our Instapod while adding extra protection to your smartphone. Choose between several models available for various smartphone models.

NOT included with packs. Sold separately

All-in-one video kit for creators

Create engaging videos with fast and easy-to-use tools that let you set up and record with confidence and edit your videos in half the time.


We’ve combined the best video-making tools to simplify the way you make videos.

Specially designed for smartphone video creators, the Lumashot Video Kit includes a multi-mode tripod, a pro wireless microphone with intelligent noise cancellation, remote controlled autocue and the simplest and fastest editing app for professional results.

You already know that video is the best way to engage your audience. Lumashot is the ideal video kit for artists and creatives of all trades that want to share more of their creative process and stories with less effort.

What people are saying?

The tripod is so cool, how does it even do that!
Zoë Beatty
This mic is tiny, the sound coming from it is impressive.
Dale Taylor
I really like the way everything you need is all in one kit.
Nick Moore

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